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About ibrahim


Affectionately known as "Ibo," is one the most well-known Entertainer of Turkey he is one of Turkey's biggest stars. In addition to hosting his own television program, The Ibo Show, on the private ATV station , is an actor and singer and appearing in several dozen films ,
Ibrahim Tatlises (actually Ibrahim Tatli) is a symbol of the Arabesk music in Turkey. he is most famous singer in Turkey. It was born 1954 as a son of a poor family in Urfa. In its childhood visited Yilmaz Gueney with a white car its place of residence Urfa, while the small Ibrahim behind the car ran, in such a way it decided to become like Yilmaz Gueney. Thus this became its model. Born in 1954 to a homeless family, Tatlises was raised by his mother, following his father's death in 1956. Music provided an outlet for emotional stress. Inspired by Turkish vocalist Yilmaz Guerney, he began singing at weddings and other celebrations while still in his teens , Although he released a cassette in 1975, it failed to sell, and Tatlises temporarily left music. Moving to Istanbul with his family in 1977 at the age of 23 ,There it was confronted with many problems. He worked as Leblebi (roasted chickpea)and a Simit (ring-shaped bread covered with sesame seeds) salesman and blacksmith to he 1978 its second cartridge "Ayaginda Kundura" brought out. This brought in success and affection of the population for it, since he sang with the voice of the people.
Its cartridges broke all records The cassette's success proved to be the launching pad for Tatlises' still-thriving career. A major star during the mid- to late '80s, he recorded numerous dance hits with the accompaniment of an orchestra and was recognized as a master of the rural uzun hava style (marked by lengthy, semi-improvised tunes, it has 3 children one boy and two girl , Several companies belong to it in Turkey and are a first singer of Turkey with their own airplane,

Tatlises has been embraced by the Turkish communities in Germany who call him "the voice of the homeland."

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